Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Flowers

April showers bring May flowers.
Flowers are something that I cannot get enough of in their natural space. Okay, I admit that sometimes I sneak some away to my room because I can't get over how beautiful they are!

Tulips are popping up everywhere. However, if I saw them in this amount, I might swoon.

I didn't know that tulips could be fringed. Then, I went to the Indianapolis Zoo with a friend and found some fringed tulips!

Walking and driving about town, I keep coming across these crazy gorgeous trees. I cannot get over them. They stop me in my tracks and make me want to perpetually stick my self amongst the tree's blossoms. Do you think they make tree houses for these trees? I want one.


Daffodils are by far my favorite spring flower. Once as a child, I visited my great uncle and he has a large field of yard that seemed devoted to this laughing flower. From that moment on, daffodils became my favorite.

You know, I love daffodils so much that I just love if I could have some year around. I tripped over this delightful DIY Daffodils while skipping through google images.

Now, we mustn't forget this Dandy Lion of the sidewalk cracks and front yards. Adults always seem to only see the peskiness of this flower. However, dandelions inspire the imagination of children. I used dandelions for countless bouquets, stews, and salads. I like this lil guy who happily reflects the smiling face of the sun!
The Dandelion has lots of uses, too! Click here!

Best of all, the seed dandelions are best known for their whimsy and the way that the breath of a child or person can send the seeds swirling into the air!

Now, that you've enjoyed this beautiful array, go spread some dandelion love! Nothing indulges your inner child more!