Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh, the Odd Lens with which I view the World

singing though there was an empty porcelain jug within the depths of your being. When you sing, the music echoes about in this jug and spills out. You are empty of anything, but that song. that moment. you are a vessel of the music.

I think winter may or may not be out to turn all of our bladders into a frozen chunk of pee.

Sleeplessness is followed by a strange clarity of mind that does not seem possible. Eventually, the body screams for sleep...and the mind does a crash landing into a headache which incapacitates the body's ability to persevere. Sleep becomes a necessity.

If I don't eat the cookies, they will eat me.

Pet Peeve: LOL Oh, no. That wasn't a joke and I'm not laughing out loud. I'm actually staring sardonically at the computer as you make a fool of yourself for not knowing that LOL makes me think of your tongue hanging out of your face in a desperate sort way. Wait. You mean, it actually means that you laughed out loud. That's a hard one to believe since we're only having this conversation through a computer. Just know, that I'm not impressed by your ability to LOL every other word in our conversation. It's kind of annoying. Thank you (oh, this is not pointed specifically at any poor old tongue-hanging-out-of-your-face person who is always in a conniption of LOLing)

I think steps were created to see if we could actually fall up something. Let me allay your fears. I can fall up.

Mice. Forget the gym. Get a mouse. Chase it around the house. Get a work out for free without leaving your room. An added bonus is the vocal warm-up that will naturally occur.

Me: "I can't study and eat because I would eat far too much and gain so much weight."
Roommate: "I look at the weight gained as a natural burden of education. The weight signifies how much education and learning that I have had."
(actual conversation occurred. above sentences paraphrased.)

i shall not apologize for this piece of ridiculousness. however, i shall explain here that i'm functioning on very few hours of sleep. right now, i feel as though my thinking capabilities have been heightened and my amusement at the thoughts in my head is narrating my current existence.