Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Companionship: Winter Colds

It starts with an irresistible tickle in your throat. It's midways between a laugh and a cough. You are never quite sure if it will reveal itself as one or the other. However, you start popping vitamin C like it's some sort of candy.

The next day, one's voice is thick and deep. It squeaks when you are serious and rumbles when you are giddy. I find that I become quite garrulous as I explore all the odd noises that this voice which isn't quite my own is speaking. One moment, I feel sultry. The next moment, I feel like a pubescent boy.

And then, you hit a brick wall. Your head feels as though it has been slammed against this brick wall multiple times. Your nose is like a fountain of snot. Sleeping is difficult because your head pounds and your nose tries to drown you in a pool of liquid boogers.

Blankets become a must. Sweatpants and big t-shirts are mandatory. A delectable novel is the medicine of choice. Vitamin C sticks closer than an enemy. And somehow in all this comfort, your face still feels like it's going to fall off.

Thank you, Winter Cold, for making life a bit more miserable.