Friday, September 24, 2010

of winds and things

The sunrise had a stalker this morning so did the stork that visits the pond. The sun courageously rose and the stork flew away bashfully. The sun painted the sky in oranges and pinks to the symphony of the wind while the stork sat upon the roof of the library and unceremoniously pooped (If you see a white drool across the roof, it was the stork).

Life is certain for the sun. It comes and it goes. It's like clockwork, but this clock will never break nor stop. However, the stork is jumpy expecting death around the corner. Although he has become a part of the scenery of this campus, life could easily cut him out of the picture. Who would miss him? Would any notice? His presence is always noted. Yet, the stork's appearances are uncertain and sporadic. He comes and goes as he will.

Uncertainty is a major part of my life. Like the stork finds comfort in the constancy of the sun, I find comfort in the certainty of the one who created the sun. He must be much more constant than the sun which is one of the most constant things on this planet. Certainty is found in the love of Jesus.