Thursday, September 9, 2010

a frolic of my kind

I'm looking for inspiration, you see. Sometimes, I dance around my room in complete oblivion because no one is there to see me look like a complete nincompoop. Other afternoons, you might find me completely delighted to take an excruciatingly long shower and then using lotion like sunscreen. After this lather of lotion, I sit on the couch and try to imagine that I'm a mango mandarin. Since I smell like one, I might as well try to picture how I would look. All I get in my head is a very strange looking girl-fruit. For a moment, responsibility will peek its head into my room of felicity.

I'll do homework.

As soon as responsibility leaves, though, I'm on my feet. I will imagine a bird that likes to stick its head in the ground. Well, instead of doing that, I will hypnotize myself by the odd way that my feet move. Why do they do that? What if I were to only walk on my heels and never on my toes or only on my toes and never on my heels! With a flick of my wrist, I will tie a ribbon of bells around my ankle and a new dance begins - this one is focused totally on the rhythm that I can make with a pound of my foot.

In this whirl of celebration of the world, I will catch a glance of my laughing eyes in the bathroom mirror. Like a magnet, I will be drawn to that pair of eyes. Why? Simply because I will have caught a glimmer of a sparkle. This sparkle is a familiar one - it was a part of my eyes years ago. This glimmer is a rebirth of the child's spirit within myself. I'll whirl away again feeling alive and incomparably ambrosial.

and this will be
because i am alone
and i am happy