Sunday, November 29, 2009


On the 22nd of November, Penelope and her un-named chick friend (the queens of the barnyards) died. These queens of the barnyard grew up together.

Penelope and her hen friend desired to create a barnyard that was safer for their chicks. Therefore, Penelope had begun to petition the humans for better living conditions. She was active in this cause by continually picketing the kitchens of the human.

These girls were part of the Cockle Doodle fan club and they could often be found swooning after one of these famous roosters’s sang. Right before their untimely deaths, Penelope had just become a backup singer for this famous crowing group. The un-named chick was happy just with the idea of a free ticket.

Although their family mourns their deaths, they are determined to continue enjoying the feed given to them by the humans. The roosters have lost two more of their wives. Yet, the roosters continue in their polygamy ways. The sister hens have determined in Penelope’s cause by continuing to petition the humans for better living conditions.

Penelope and her friend gave up their bodies for science and sustenance.

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