Saturday, July 7, 2012

to jillian

I really should be sleeping. But I can't. My nerves are something. My eyes are dry. My stomach gets fluttery. And the house is full of sleepers. But I cannot sleep. I just feel plain weird.
A dear friend of mine marries tomorrow to a man who is God filled and laughter giving. Watching their friendship and dating relationship develop has been awe-inspiring. I am left with crashing memories and quiveringly silent giggles. The growth that I've seen in my friend's life leaves me joyous for her and opens the desire in me for the same thing.
This week, I have entered the wedding vortex. I am not my own. I walk and talk at the bride's bidding and happily so! I want to fit their vision.
As a bridesmaid, I desire to support this new couple to the best of my ability. I am part of the witness that they ask me to stand beside them "in sickness and in health" type of way. I know that's what the groom and bride vow to each other. However, as a community, we vow these things to them as well.
People need community. Support. Friendship. Affirmation. We can't do it alone. And I am a part of this group. And I'm honored to be so and I desire to continue in this relationship with intentionality and honesty.
Jillian, I vow to encourage you, make you giggle, and drink tea with you. I plan to write you, visit you, and facebook you. And throughout life, I desire to always be pointing to Jesus Christ on the happy days and the sad days. I support your marriage.
Now, I really ought to try to sleep. My eyes are feeling stingy. My adrenalin seems to have slowed. Tomorrow promises to be long.