Thursday, July 26, 2012

Captivation: Restless Roving and Wild Whimsy

Lost like a feather in the wind. Roaming like a kite without a string. Wishing on missing eyelashes and unlucky pennies. Desiring, yearning, crying out for more.

found here

And searching for this something more.

Looking in the mirror, and seeing Discontentment staring into or out of your own eyes.

Gosh, darn it. Glare at Mr. Discontentment riling up your life. Oh, he's good and nice creating a stirring for not settling for less. But sometimes...the adventure that he tells you is in another country or in another state is sitting beside you on the couch.

Did you just glance to your side looking for adventure? Well, that's most certainly a good start. Glance again. From my seat, a book splits open prompted so by the leaning of Reading Like A Writer and my Verizon LG cell phone. All of this captured in the purple sheen of my half full water bottle. And look! You can even see what I saw. Okay, the purple sheen isn't showing up as much as it ought, but I promise it's there.

But I haven't even mentioned the best part. When I walked into this cafe, every customer lifted their heads to blandly acknowledge my presence. Oh, under the eye of this uncaring audience, I wanted to dart right back out of the door.

But, I didn't.

Instead, my eyes skirted around the already occupied tables looking for a little nook to fill with myself. And I found this couch already occupied and I asked the silver haired luncher with black round framed glasses if I could share this little couch with her.

Oh, wait! Let me tell you of the book that lays open beside me. It is a ridiculous book. It goads giggles and chases harsh or worried looks away. And before I know it; I desperately want to leap from my comfy little couch and dance on the tables.

Want me to promise that I won't do it?

A day is coming when I shall dance on a table. In some packed establishment. Of course, this is not exactly my scene. Yet, there are times when life thirsts for wild whimsy. This looks to be more my thing.

found here

And if I'm hearing correctly. The world is parched!

Here are some ideas to help you along with filling this thirst in yourself and the world. Please don't forget to grin gargantuously (i suppose that isn't a word, but it's having the right influence upon my face).

Roll down your windows when driving in the rain.
Doodle on the bottoms of your shoes.
Pretend you're a secret agent when you leave the house.
Talk to strangers (sometimes that scares me--but it's never been a bad experience)
Wear wild patterns together that people will question.
Dance instead of walking
Prance instead of running

what makes you feel wild? or makes you want to laugh loudly? or puts sparkles in your eyes! Please do share with me!