Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aspiring Snowflake

A thin vapor curled and froze. From the innermost part of this frozen vapor, growth began in a geometrical shoot. The form crystallized. With the intricacies that bloomed in this winter creation, the cold breathed purpose into this small fragile piece of ice. Although heat or a careless hand could ruin the crystal, the snowflake continued to explode into a million nuances of ice sculpture smaller than a centimeter. Before long, the cloud nursery could no longer contain the silver crystal. It fell.

Terrified, this intricate sliver of ice plummeted from the life that it had known. Searching for its parachute, the snowflake desperately fought the fall. A zephyr flipped by and this softly screaming crystal gripped the tail of the zephyr and spun out of control. It seemed as though the wind played hot potato as it passed the crystal from zephyr to zephyr. The tiny flake of ice cavorted with others of its kind as the wind rushed through the snowflakes playing a winter game of tag.

Life blurred in a world of white. With an army of a million playful slivers of ice, the crystal blew by misshapen oddities rooted in the ground that seemed like huge skeletons reaching towards the snowflakes. Some ice flakes chose to soften the unsightly angular arms with their own intricate forms. These lovely cold soldiers sprinkled themselves across every surface that presented itself. Some crystallized vapors were called to their own kind in the cemented form of ice. Others did not choose their destination before the ground finished their fall. A few snowflakes chose clumsy moving masses that emanated heat.

If this tiny ornate crystal had a heart, it would have been beating in nervous anticipation as it looked to choose its resting place. The wind tossed this lovely sparkle of ice through the air. In the distance, a willowy mass emanating heat moved toward this small glittering messenger as it flew with its winter companions. As the snowflake flitted nearer to this ungraceful mass, the girl breathed deeply surveying the wintery white about her. With a step and a twinkling, the ornate snowflake made its decision.

A point of glittering cold slammed onto the girl’s closed lips. Her eyes widened and her lips broke into a grin. She had been kissed by a snowflake. The warmth of her mouth had been the snowflake’s demise. Yet, this crystallized ice melted the ice in the heart of the girl. Snowflakes flocked to the girl and draped her in their own winter finery. Even if one in a million, the girl accepted purpose from the crystal kiss.