Thursday, November 25, 2010

kissing bubbles

I kissed a bubble and it had the audacity to burst in my face.
Perhaps, I should have known that it would explode.
I mean, it was a bubble.
If I had caught it in my hand, it would have been for not.
Perhaps, a butterfly kiss would have been more gentle.
However, some gentle things are quite harsh.
The bubble burst in my face.
And that was harsh.

A bubble is like a dream. It looks well and floats on air. Yet, it does not last long. A dream or a hope can be made in a moment and broken in half a moment. A bubble is made out of iridescent whisperings of breath and whimsy and it might as well be the physical representation of a dream. To catch a bubble or a dream, one must take good care to create the perfect green house atmosphere for said bubble dream. Have you noticed that a bubble can be caught? On the end of the stick from which it was blown, a bubble can be caught again. Therefore, a dream can be re-captured upon the thinking of the mind from which it flew.

So grab your bubble wands and your minds to search out these bursting bubbles and slippery dreams.