Monday, February 4, 2013

Hobby: Letter Writing #2

Quite a while ago, I posted about a favorite hobby of mine--letter writing. There is something so entirely magical about stringing words together for another to read. Seriously, if I could make a living off of writing letters, I would do it. Anyone interested in paying me to write letters? Pretty please?

Now I've found a couple of different option for my other letter-lovers. Of course, some of these may not be your thing.

If you're like me (a narcissistic letter writer), then perhaps volunteering to write deployed soldiers might be the thing for you. Since they're so busy, they rarely write back but they're in need of the escape of letters. So if you like writing, this might be the thing for you. But don't be surprised if you get a letter back!

Or if you're okay paying a bit of money ($23 if you're from the USA), you can buy a subscription (3 issues in a year) to The Letter Exchange. It's a type of magazine where letter writers can write listings to attract particular types of correspondents. Some people choose to role-play or find a fellow writer to critique their work. It's a unique idea and I'm hoping to buy a subscription myself soon.

And then, if you're interested in some instant penpal action, you can check out Penpal World. You can start out with a limited profile where you can get in contact with 3 other penpals. If you find it's to your liking, you can upgrade your membership for a "low" cost. I haven't been able to find the cost anywhere, though. But a limited profile would probably give me more than enough people to talk to.

And if you don't like what I've found for you, then do some of your own googling exploration! There are some cool opportunities out there for people who know how to look!

May you have many letters in your future!