Saturday, November 17, 2012

Captivation: Rest

Rest. It's often forgotten or over-looked or pushed for later, saying "I can rest when I'm dead." I've heard others say that phrase and I've even repeated it to myself.

We beg for simplicity. We try to remind ourselves to simplify--to downsize--to minimize. Then, the note gathers dust and life whizzes by.

We dream of finding rest and contentment in idyllic places--tropical paradises.

We like to pretend that our lives spin out of our control--not by our bidding, but by the fates of the universe.

But what if we took hints from babies.

They have got their priorities straight. We need rest. Yes, we can rest when we die. But I want to live life to fullest and that requires quality rest. Living fully includes resting fully.

So it's time to make a new list and live in a new way. And make room for rest.

In light of this, what are you doing today to rest?

I'm here writing this blogpost. I'm attending a friend's junior recital tonight. I slept late this morning and went running at lunchtime. I built in this day of rest into my crazy busy schedule because I believe God knew something about us when he modeled resting on the 7th day.

Happy Rest!