Tuesday, April 24, 2012


"He doesn't have a job."
I wonder why that causes such a problem. Upon hearing this phrase, there is an instant loss of respect. People find their worth and the worth of others in their jobs.
"He doesn't have a job."
It sounds like you just accused this person of being a bum. You argue that this is not what you said. I know you didn't. But, you definitely implied it. What I'm hearing is that a jobless individual must be lazy, irresponsible, and not smart.
"He doesn't have a job."
I'm sure this happens--where a person gets turned down for a job because they are over-qualified. How frustrating it must be to not get a job because you are "too smart." And then, everyone judges your worth on the fact that you do not have a job thinking that you just do not have the smarts.
"She doesn't have a job."
Stay-at-home mothers get a lot of grief for their "jobless" position. It's like to say that you are a stay-at-home mom that you must be "pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen." Interestingly enough, it seems to me that stay-at-home moms are generally pretty decently educated and could be career women but chose to stay at home. It's not a jobless position.
Sooooo...these American values...
Yeah, so those American values where a man's brains and worth are measured in their ability to hold a job. I'm questioning it. American culture is based on materialism. Welcome to the land where what you have is worth more than you especially when you're jobless.
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