Friday, September 2, 2011

Excusing Senioritis

I'd like to think that I'm an avid observer of the human population. Yes, I am one of those people who would happily discard a good book (and I love reading) to people watch in an air port or even a shopping center. You see all kinds.
Allow me to share an observation and a thought.
This year, I am a senior in college. This does mean that many people have begun to ask me many questions in relation to the future. Let me give you my best answer. I don't know. Now, that we've gotten that figure out, I'll move right along.
As human beings, we have a way of allowing ourselves to permit seniority to fill our brains with dreams of glory and esteem. Suddenly, we think that we are on top of the world (sure we might be on top of our itty-bitty college world but that's nothing). This moment is very dangerous.
This moment is dangerous because if we buy into the idea that we are, in fact, pretty hot stuff, we might begin to believe that the world always meant to hand things to us. Rather than work for excellence in everything we do, we figure that Seniority is enough.
We lose our desire to learn.
We lose our desire to work hard.
In essence, we expect age to matter. We expect seniority to matter. Oh, it does matter. It means that the rest of the school is almost rid of you. If you are expecting everything that you ever desired to fall into your lap, then people might be happy to rid themselves of your slovenly and lackluster ways.
Really?! Get over yourself. Senioritis is so not attractive.
Seniors have the unique opportunity to pour everything that they've learned from previous years into their last year. Also, seniors can reach out and encourage freshman and newbies in ways that they haven't before.
Senior year is not the time to slack off. The end of anything is not the time to slack off. Gosh, darn it. Finish Strong.