Friday, July 29, 2011


I've got this itch. It starts in the valley of my knuckles and slowly spreads to take over my entire self. This itch dances across my skin and skitters through my brain (yes, through my brain!). My fingers don't scratch this itch. This peculiar sensation is alleviated by time spent dreaming. This itch seems to intensify as I place my head amongst the clouds and begin to think of traveling the world.

For now, I state-hop. I like to think of it as my strange little jig where I meet fun people and see strange sights. It's like the preparation for the country-hopping I'll hopefully do one day.

My summer shenanigans have included adventures in Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Texas. Yeah, this was all pretty much somewhat planned by yours truly.

Since Texas has been the most recent adventure, allow me to share a few sights that greatly amused me.

Upon my first evening in the hotel, I walked down to the lobby and passed the indoor pool. Sitting as cool as you please in the jacuzzi were two cowboys in swimming trunks with cowboy hats set squarely upon their heads. I exclaimed, "LOOK! Cowboys wearing their cowboy hats in the jacuzzi." I'm really glad that the indoor swimming area was enclosed. Hopefully, they didn't hear me.

A favorite thing of Mississippi is how a majority of people use "yes, sir" and "yes, ma'am." With their southern purr, I feel as though I'm being wooed with these two little words especially since they keep saying "yes" to me. I also love seeing all these baby cows everywhere. They are just TOO cute!

Missouri reminds me of my home state. It's full of hills and mountains. When I see hills covered in trees and quaint homes, I feel right at home. My heart warms and a smile of contentment fills my face.

My state-hopping shall soon come to an end. In some senses, I don't mind. However, I have to say that my itch to travel abroad has picked up. Here's to dreaming and to funny people!