Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ami glanced at the lighted window across the grass and she laughed at herself. As she took the trash out to the dumpster, she called out silently to the invisible occupants of the lighted window, “Will you just fall in love with me please?” Immediately, Ami shook her head and flung the trash bag into the waiting mouth of the dumpster. It was a magnificent throw and Ami tossed her head back to allow the chill temperature of the night to slightly touch the base of her neck.

Ami enjoyed the subtleties of life and the occasional making eyes at the shocked squirrels. After all, they were squirrels – not men. Of course, it would be just Ami’s luck if one of these squirrels might just happen to be some enchanted man. Ami laughed and felt beautiful. There was something about laughter that just allowed the soul to spring free.

Under the soft glow of a street light, Ami did a slow pirouette in rapture of the embrace of the cool evening. Even amongst the audience of the sleeping cars in their parking spaces, Ami wove between them in graceful leaps of joy in the knowledge of being alive. To an observer, she would have seemed partly ridiculous in the seriousness that she took herself. The music to which Ami seemed to dance was punctuated by her laughter and melodious because of the sounds of the evening.

Abruptly, Ami’s dance froze. In the distance, she had sighted a walker. Ami could dance and pretend flight if there were not a soul to see. However, if a person were to see her, Ami’s private reality would dissolve in the moment that it brushed against another’s reality. In that moment, the enchantment of the night receded. Such a person always caused her to melt back into normality.

With quick steps, Ami’s feet carried her back to her apartment building. As she entered her building, she acknowledged the interrupter of her private reality with a slight head nod. Ami’s return to her apartment reminded Ami of her ocean of responsibilities and she dove back into them.