Monday, December 21, 2009

Tropical Christmas

I would like to take a moment to vent. Who's smart idea was it that the those students studying in a tropic location return smack dab in the middle of winter? Granted, there is the splendid fact that we get to enjoy singing songs like "I'll be Home for Christmas" and please don't "Let It Snow." It was lovely to return to Christmas land. Yet, for some reason, somebody neglected to say that we would return to the world that had forgotten color. As the plane lowered rapidly, our excitement heightened to be returning home until our eyes caught sight of all the cement and dead trees.

Frantically, my eyes darted to the button to push to call the attendant. Swiftly, my mind considered the option of petitioning the pilot to turn the plane around. After all, who really needs to have snow for Christmas anyways? Suddenly, the idea of a tropic Christmas sounded perfectly acceptable. The girls around me agreed, but we were josteled back to reality as the plane bounced onto the runway. There was no going back.

About three hours later, our charter bus pulled into parking lot of our college. Inside we sat holding hands and when we saw people streaming towards the bus to greet us, we let out shrieks of excitement. It was a beautiful and chaotic excitement. Tanned students rushed into the arms of family members and friends. There were tears, laughter, more hugs, jumping, and smiling. After all, I guess the guy who decided to bring us back for Christmas had it right.